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Looking to rent a property?

Our site is a book direct one - all enquiries and bookings for the properties are handled by the owners themselves. If you require further specific information about a property, please direct your enquiry to the owner. Owner contact details can be found at the foot of each advert. The email enquiry forms shown on the adverts are sent to the owner. We retain a copy of these enquiries for backup and security reasons.

Comprehensive search facilities are available on the site. You can search by region, department, geographical area, postal code or a host of other specialist criteria such as broadband, telephone, storage facilities, unfurnished property, monthly price etc. The search results can also be sorted by various criteria such as newest listing, price, number of people etc. Please see our Property Search page.

For further reading please visit - Info for Tenants


Looking to advertise your property?

If you are thinking of advertising your property for longer rentals, you may like to browse our site to get a feel for our style. This site has been designed to take advantage of cutting edge software while retaining a user-friendly interface. We have tried to ensure that navigation is intuitive and easy. The site is streamlined and free of clutter and unnecessary distractions. We showcase properties available for longer rentals in France. That's what we do.

For further reading please visit: - Info for Owners   Advertise with us   Testimonials

More information and guidance is available in our member's area. This can be viewed by registered members only when logged in to the site. Context sensitive help is available when submitting and editing a listing. If you prefer to submit an application form offline please let us know and we can forward a form to you.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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