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New Regions in France

How to make French Crepes

Le Petit Prince - J'ai dans le coeur

The Millau Viaduct

The region of Poitou-Charentes

The Wine Regions of Bordeaux

Video of Aix en Provence by the Office de Tourisme Aix Pays d'Aix

La vie à Toulouse – A brief intro to the city of Toulouse

Christmas in France

A step-by-step guide to understanding French wine – for Dummies :)

Bastille Day Fireworks


Travel Guide to Nice

Belle et Sébastien

The Bûche de Noël

Mushroom Hunting

Le Tour de France – 100th edition in 3D

Transhumance – The traditional seasonal movement of livestock

Poussin Piou

French Markets

Video your property

Languedoc-Roussillon – An insight into the region.

Gites in the Dordogne on Little England

Renting out your French holiday home


Social Media and Sharing Tools - Skimming the Surface

Managing Property Rental Enquiries - Some guidance for property advertisers

Writing Copy - English with a French Accent

Long lets - Overview of an evolving market

New French law leaves trail of pet hairs and small deposits

Interactive Maps and Rental Property in France

DPE - Energy efficiency levels to be shown on property rental adverts

Andy Warhol visits the Baronnies

Renting Long Term in France

Property Photos - Tips for Owners

Foreign Exchange FX - The basics

Change your Exchange Mindset - Spending Euros and saving pounds

Rambling in the Tarn (by Hervé Boitel)

Driving in France

Rent a place in France before you die buy

Renting your French property out for longer term lets - Top Tips for Owners

Taking your mobile with you - Using your mobile phone in France

Staying in touch when you’re in France…

Translation - What you need to know to get a professional translation.

French Long Lets

Giving your public what they want... Online Owner's Guest Book

Convert foreign currency - Get the best exchange rate

Advertising Online - Communications and Crossed Wires

Property Rental Availability Calendars. Keep up to date - Get a Calendar!

The market for longer term lets in France

How to advertise your place in France

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