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French Markets

French Markets

One of the most enduring and endearing aspects of French life are the markets. Most towns and larger villages host regular markets. While many run throughout the year, it’s always best to check if your nearest local market is seasonal, especially if you are taking on a winter or off-season rental.

Two tips to get more from the French market experience:

1) Buy a shopping basket (wicker by preference). That’s where you put the ubiquitous baguette.
2) Always join the longest queue – on the basis that there must be something worthwhile to wait for.

Markets can be a great place to experience a still important aspect of traditional French life. Sit in a café, nurse a glass and watch the baskets of fruit, vegetables and baguettes go by.

The videos below offer an introductory taste to French markets. To experience the real thing, you know what you have to do!

A French market

Sarlat truffle market

(Published January/February 2013)

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