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Giving your public what they want...
Online Owner's Guest Book - Let your customers sing your praises


Giving your public what they want...
Online Owner's Guest Book - Let your customers sing your praises

Who better to help promote your rental property than previous satisfied customers? One of the most visited sections of a property rental website is, apparently, the guest book or testimonial section.

There are some websites that allow previous clients (satisfied and otherwise) to login and add their choice comments, be it praise or simply a venue for venting! It can be entertaining to read some of these entries. As with most things in life, opinions can vary and sometimes comments can range from 'glacial reception' to 'will definitely be back'. Some directory sites advertising hotels are particularly prone to receiving guest comments that may add to the general gaiety of the world but do little to increase business.

While entertainment is all very well, an online guest book where the owner enters select comments from his in-house visitor's book has to be better promotion. It is the truth, there is no exaggeration - it is just a matter of showing your property in the best light. And what is wrong with that? As with photos, use the most powerful and discard the rest.




Wanted: Technophobe seeks Technophile.

These days it is essential to advertise your rental property online; even if you have no computer or internet experience, it can be done. Some directory listing sites may, however, insist that their online application form be completed. If you are a technophobe seek a technophile to assist.

One serious disadvantage of not being internet savvy, however, is having no email address. There is huge competition for rental property in many areas in France and the peak summer season can be short. Again, you need to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to view your details and to contact you for further information and to book. As is the case with availability calendars, an advert displaying an email address will generally win out over an advert with a telephone number only. It's a fact of life that most internet users will happily send several email enquiries before picking up the phone. Unless your property is really exceptional do ensure a contact email address is used on your adverts. Alternatively, use that friendly technophile's email address. There's at least one in every family!




Personal Website.

No question mark. Just an exclamation! All owners of French rental property need their own personal website. This is irrespective of how many other online adverts you may have taken out. The only exception being if your property is always fully booked. In which case, congratulations, read no further, and move on to another article on our periodical.

There are many billions of websites on the world wide web today. What's the point of another one and how will I get mine noticed? Well, your online adverts on property rental directory sites should do their job and bring you enquiries whether you are advertising a gîte for summer holiday rentals, an apartment for skiing holidays or long-term furnished or unfurnished lets. By their very nature, however, the information they give of your property is specialist, incomplete or conforms to the specific directories format. With your own website you have free rein. You can present your property fully with as many photos as you like and with any amount of text covering any aspect. Think of your personal website as being a backup online brochure to your other adverts. These adverts will draw in clients and you can then fully display your wares by linking to your website from each one.

So the question should not be "Why do I need a personal website?" but "Why have I not got a personal website?".

(Published September/October 2008)




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