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Property Photos - Tips for Owners


Property Photos - Tips for Owners

All too often considerable investment is made in the purchase and renovation of property but not enough attention is given to taking a good photograph. A portfolio of quality photographs can be a very good investment, they can be used in all online and offline publicity for a rental property and even, when the time comes, as promotional material in order to sell. Photos should be viewed as one of the final and very necessary pieces of the rental jigsaw, when a property has been purchased, renovated and is ready to be rented, then do ensure the accommodation is looking its absolute best and get the camera out. 

Here follows a few tips on how to show your property in the best light:

* A digital camera is excellent for allowing any number of trials. Even a bad photographer can get lucky every so often!

* Take a combination of interior and exterior photos, perhaps include a few of the surrounding area, views etc. Even if you have an apartment do try and include an exterior photo of the building.

* Exterior shots - do wait for a sunny day. For exterior shots and many interior ones, sunshine is essential. Early morning and evening can give a nice soft and warm light.

* Interior shots - make the room welcoming and set the scene. Keep the room tidy but not spartan. Decorate with some flowers or a bowl of fruit, a bottle of wine and glasses on the table. Light the open fire or wood burning stove -  this is particularly important when advertising your property for out of season holiday or long winter rentals.

* Size and layout. Try to be consistent with size and layout of the photos. Landscape photos all the same dimensions are preferable to a mixture of portrait and landscape making it makes it easier to layout on websites.

* Avoid photos of people and pets, televisions that are switched on, windows with shutters closed etc.

* Format. Save your photos in jpg or Jpeg format on your computer. These can then be emailed as required.

* Size. It can be wise to have 2 copies of your portfolio, one being a set of high resolution images that can be used for print media and the other, lower resolution images for sending out over the internet to prospective tenants and advertising agencies.

* Photo manipulation software - use it but don't abuse it. Your photos should accurately and truthfully reflect your property, albeit show it in a good light. Don't add things that aren't there and don't remove things that are.

* Backup. Do ensure you have a backup copy of your portfolio.

*  Captions. Try to name your photos with something descriptive and meaningful. There will be less room for confusion when emailing them to prospective tenants or advertising  agencies.

* Employ a professional. If all else fails and the sun refuses to shine for you - spend the money and hire a professional. It could be money well spent.

(Published July/August 2010)


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