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Renting your French property out for longer term lets
Top Tips for Owners


Renting your French property out for longer term lets - Top Tips for Owners

Renting your French property out for longer term lets
Renting your French property out for longer term lets

The standard weekly holiday season can be quite short in so many places in France. If you own property and would like to maximise your annual rental income then you may want to consider longer rentals of one month plus, at least during the off-season period. Winter rentals will, obviously, not be as high as peak summer rates but they can provide some very useful additional rental income and have the added benefit of keeping the property occupied and heated during the cooler months. Some owners prefer to rent year round on a monthly basis and have decided to leave the weekly holiday market altogether. This is obviously a matter of personal choice. You need to balance the attractiveness of potentially higher weekly summer rentals against the additional work of changeovers and the possibility of vacant periods where you are earning zero. While it's true the market is much larger for summer holiday lets so too is the competition with many thousands of properties all jostling for their market share.

Sometimes it can be better to advertise both for longer lets year round and also for weekly holiday rentals over the peak summer months. The monthly rates would depend on duration of let and period of the year and you could negotiate on a case by case basis. This would leave you free to accept either type of rental depending on what suited you best at the time.

Successfully renting long term can be broken down into three key areas: Property, Price and Promotion.

Here are a few tips:


1) Your property needs to be suitably equipped for monthly rentals taking into account the period of year and length of potential rentals. Furnished rentals tend to be more flexible than unfurnished.

2) Availability. A good unbroken stretch of availability is important.


3) Get your price right. To help gauge your monthly price have a look at what similar properties are charging on our site. It is normally advisable to charge extra for utilities especially for winter rentals when heating bills can be higher.


4) Photos. That a picture paints a thousand words is especially true when it comes to rental property so do take time to obtain the best photos. A good selection of interior and exterior shots is essential.

5) Description. Take time to describe fully the attractions of your property. What can you offer that others cannot? What makes your property and the area particularly suitable for longer stays? Sing your praises but be truthful.

6) Advertise. And of course advertise on a good specialist website for long term lets in France. Need I say more?

(Published July/August 2009)




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