Don't just take our word for it...
Just some of the unsolicited testimonials we have received regarding our website and service for long term rentals in France.

"Rent a place in France has been the most successful for me to advertise to that of any other sites I have used. It's so quick and easy too ..... with the added bonus of having you immediately on hand to assist.”


"You have a marvellous web site, very clear, easy to navigate, proper and always informative. You have been a better platform than any of the big guys, HomeAway and Trip Advisor included.”


"Hi Ross,
I would like to thank you for letting us join your site, we had many enquiries for our house and did let it through you.”

Best wishes,
Trish & Robert Catto

"I have to say we found your website to be an excellent way of reaching potential long-term tenants.”

All the best,

"We have been most successful in our long lets thanks to your website. It has been magic and I think every year since advertising with you (you will know that - I have lost track!) we have had a profitable letting. We are grateful and thank you for a great value for money site.”

Sincerely, Chris and Paula Owen

"Your ad did produce some nice winter tenants for me.”

Best wishes, Leslie

"We've had 7 enquiries, so can only express our pure delight in the site's generation of enquiries. We will recommend you to others.”


"Really pleased with the site, our ad went live and within 2 days we had a 2 1/2 month rental booked and another inquiry. Appreciate the good communication you give in your service too.”


"I'll take this opportunity to say that we are delighted with the continuous service you provide for long term rentals and a God Send for those winter months. We had 3 rentals last winter through your website ; one is coming back this September (she was here this winter; another new one has booked 2 different periods next winter !! Your site is easy to use, very clear and many people (Hosts and clients like it) so another year of happy customers !!!”

Many thanks Ross !

Best wishes, Hélène Gentile

"We have been successful with three lettings which came to us via your web site Rent a Place in France so we thank you for this.”

Kindest regards,

"Hi Ross, Just to let you know I would like to continue advertising with you.I have had many booking and loads of enquires.”


"I have had excellent tenants this winter and spring and the house is already full for next autumn! Thank you for the excellent service.”

Best wishes, Camilla

"Hi Ross, Yes we have had great responses from the site and fully intend to renew our listing.”

Regards, Tahn

"You’ve been going 14 years now. Wow. We’ve been with you for a lot of that. Which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of your site and our contentment with the results. And our thanks again for that. ”

Take care, Helen and Chris

"As well good news: we are going to let the house from September 2019 until April 2021 through your website ! ”

Best regards,
Anna van Geuns

"Hi Ross, We definitely need to renew the advert. We are having far more success with longer rentals than we have had with short term holiday lets.”

Kind regards,
Neil Harbinson

"We are very happy with your site and we get most of our bookings via your page now as we are concentrating on longer let’s as we have less work to do then.”

Best Regards Suzy Witten

"Ross, the enquiries from Rent a Place in France have been fantastic...pity one can only rent the place out once.”

Regards, Mike Christie

"It's been a pleasure working with you and we've had some interesting enquiries through your site over the years, including one which resulted in a house swap for us in London for 18 months!”


"We have been very impressed with the amount of enquiries we have had and have turned about a third into bookings, one from Australia who is staying for all of May! So yes please we would like to continue advertising with you.”

Dave and Liz

Yes I would like to renew my advert with you please. The website has worked well for me, thanks.”

Best wishes,

"The response to our ad has been very good.”


"Hello Ross,
Just to let you know that I am so pleased (and surprised) by the level of interest expressed in renting my house here. It is now rented for 6-12months from end-October.”

Kind regards,

"Thanks Ross. We have had lots of enquiries. Very impressed with your site.”

"Things are going superbly with us – and the winter months’ lettings are entirely down to the advert on Rent a place in France. Not only did I get rentals for winter 2017/2018 – I received an enquiry for winter 2018/2019 for six months. They have visited us, paid the deposit, and we are now let, with our summer bookings as well, through to 3rd May 2019. And after that I had a second enquiry for the six months of this coming winter from an author.”

Best wishes,

"Hello Ross,

I have an advert listed with you which is getting great responses, thank you.
Many thanks for your help, Aileen McQuaid”

"Dear Ross,
Thank you for the reminder - of course we want to continue advertising with you! Your site gets us an eye-watering number of months booked each year!”

Kind regards,

"Once again we were very pleased with the number of enquiries generated by the ad on your site.”

Kind regards,

"Singing your praises:
Hello... my husband and I are going to retire to France in two years. I visit your sight regularly and have several places picked out. We came to France this July and drove to many of the villages we saw on your site, as possible places to live. When we do come we will try to find one of your listings that offer year round stays. I think you have a great site and I'm very grateful to have it as a source to help us with our move. Keep up the good work. We are so encouraged because we can find affordable housing through your site.”

Thanks again,
Linda Marcov

"Thanks again for your work, you have a great website and it really works for us.”


"We are very pleased with the response to our advert. In the past two weeks since it went live we have had eight enquiries and have contracted with someone for a long-term rental.”

Kind regards,
Keith & Peter

"Your site has been amazing, we have had so many enquires from all over the world and have recommended you to our friends.”

Kind regards,
Barbara Barlow

"I can only say that was very impressive.
The advert went live yesterday (your email 16.26), we had a phone call at 10.30 this morning, a family visited us at 12, left a deposit and will be moving in at the end of the week for an 18 month stay.
What more could we have asked for?”

Thank you,

"I must say that advertising with you has been very successful and I have had to say 'no' to more potential tenants than I could rent to. The three I've had, have all been exceptional tenants and have become friends, with whom I remain in touch!”

Kind regards,

"Thanks for your great site. I don't know how you do it but for the third year we shall have a long term let for this winter. I shall be delighted to advertise with you again.”

Many thanks,

"Dear Ross,
Yes, we would like to continue with the advertisement. You are doing a fantastic job as we are getting great rentals in.”

Best wishes,

"I thank you for the years I have been with you as through you I have never had a problem with renting.”


"Dear Ross,
I would like to let you know that I am very happy with your “Rent a place in France” site. It is easy to use. It is really attracting people from all around the world, and exactly the type of guests I was hoping for. So far so good! I am keen to continue my subscription.”

Kind regards,

"Your website is brilliant, it's user-friendly for owners and clients alike. I would definitely like to renew my advertising please.”

Kind regards,
Maggie Thirlway

"We have been very pleased with the bookings we have received via your website”

Best wishes,
Robert Clarke

"We will definitely recommend your website which has been an outstanding marketing source for us.
Thank you for your past services, which have always been professional and efficient. Merci Beaucoup.”

Best regards,
Rain Heron

"I have advertised with this site alone for over 7 years. During that time I have progressed from only winter rentals to all year round rentals. The clients have come fron America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Need I say more. The best site out there.”

Anne C.

"It has been absolutely brilliant for us. ”

All the best,
Alan Longland

"We would like to tell you that we're very satisfied with the response to our advert and your kind and personal service.”

Best regards,
Heike and Rüdiger

"Hello again Ross,

A PS just to say that your site is brilliant. I was never short of enquiries. It really worked for me. Thanks. ”

Best regards again,

"Dear Ross,

Thank you for providing such an excellent site, it works so efficiently, I'm most impressed!”

Kind regards, Sarah

"We have been very pleased with the level of bookings that we have had. This year the house has been fully booked from April until Dec thanks to two long term bookings at either end of our summer season. We will be renewing in March.”

Jane Merrikin

”I would certainly like to renew my advertising with you. All 3 of my cottages have been full for 9 months this year thanks to your website, and I must have turned down 50 plus other interested people.”


"It's been amazing. So many enquiries, and some lovely tenants!

All the best and many thanks."

”Whilst writing I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your excellent service and coverage. I have had a long term rental every year since I started.”

Kind regards

"I really like this website, I get lots of enquiries from it.”

Helen Croston

”I will definitely be renewing my advertisement with you as I am delighted with the enquiries and rentals I have had to date.”

Best wishes

"I would like to say that I've been really pleased with the level of enquiries that I received from your website and it did lead to a successful letting for us. I will not hesitate to use you again in the future and would also happily recommend your services to others.”

Best regards

”We are getting alot of enquiries and bookings from your site - thanks!”


"We have been very pleased with the responses we have had from your website which have come from all over the world.”

Best wishes,
Alan and Helen

”Wanted also to add how pleased we are, this is our first season, through your site we have one gite booked for 9 month's and the second gite booked until middle of June, we only intended to use the one gite for long terms and the second gite for weekly rents but we had so many enquiries we have let the 2nd gite as well.

Thank you again we think you offer a phenomenal service both to the renters and owners.”

Kind regards
Carole and Kevin Kinson

"I have to say that I'm very happy with your website and I will recommend it. I had a lot of people contacting me and I could rent my house when I wished and to very nice people.”

Best regards,

”Hello Ross, amazingly, within a couple of days of my ad going live I have rented the house (two separate tenants) from Jan '16 to April '17!...brilliant stuff, great site....”


"Hello Ross,
Yes we would definitely like to renew. We have found your site generates lots of enquiries, and several bookings.”


”Thank you for your excellent customer service and value for money website that produces results!

Hello Ross,

We have always found that your website gives excellent results, both in volume and quality of enquires, which have led to booking levels we've been very happy with. Your service has been faultless and even better, the whole service is the best value for money of any we've found (and I have done a lot of research).”

Thank you!
Kind regards

Denise and Ray.

"We certainly do want your renew - yours is the most successful advert we have had. Next winter is already full in one house and almost in the other. People book long stays a lot in advance ! I am currently dealing with queries from families in Australia and Canada and have a Californian couple coming in October!

Thanks for a great site which clearly meets a need!”

(and the following was previously received from same client...)

"Your site is amazing - inundated with enquiries.”

Best wishes

”Hi Ross

Yes I would like to renew our ad, we have found your site very good for generating long let enquires. We find 'Rent a place in France' works well alongside our weekly summer advertising and allows us to be full all year round. This makes a huge difference to the profitability of our gite.”


"Many thanks....we have had an inquiry for 6 months already, only several days after placing the ad, so that's brilliant!”

Best wishes,

”Dear Ross

We would like to renew our advertisment with you. We have a great response to the advert and an impressive number of enquires - thank you.
We look forward to hearing from you.”

With Best Regards


"Hi Ross

I have just confirmed a tenant for my house for the next 12 to 15 months.
Thanks for your superb service.”


”I have to say I was very pleased with the number of responses and have recommended your website to others.”

Best Wishes
Helen Mattinson

"I would like to say (and you can quote me) that I have been extremely impressed with Rent A Place in France. We could have rented out our Garden Bungalow 10 times over each year, and we have met some fantastic people, who have booked through your website.

We have a booking until April 2017 - which is over a year away!!! Unbelieveable, and STILL people are starting to ask for this coming winter.


Our business has been non stop, with your bookings between October and April each year.”

Best wishes Ross,
Janie and Family

(and the following was received previously from the same client...)

"Your website is great! I was thrilled to receive enquiries from all over the world.”


”Having been so pleased with how easy your website was to sign up to, I would also like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we have been with the response that we have had from the website. Within 5 days of it going live we had an enquiry. We have now been on it for 3 weeks and had 5 enquiry's and hopefully this last one may come to a booking for a few months. It has far exceeded our expectations already ! Thank you.

Many thanks,”


"Just so you know it is most definitely the best site we have advertised on and the only one that we keep going with!!

Thanks again - all the very best.”


”I have the gite booked Jan-end March… And thanks, the feedback has been great from your site!”


"Bookings have been good from your site this year thank you very much.”

Many thanks,

”Hi Ross,

Another year gone and again several bookings from your site. We're very pleased with the enquiries and bookings being generated from your site and would definitely like to renew our advert.

All the best,”


"Thought you would be interested to know we have had three enquiries (including one from New Zealand) in the four days since going live!!!

We have had the property on the market for about a year and had only about six enquiries!”

Best regards

”We had another few bookings through your website last winter which is great and a few enquiries this year (with one booking so far) so keep up the good work. Thank you.”

Best regards,
Hélène Gentile

”Hello Ross

Yes, I would like to renew my advert for Sunflower Cottage please - I have to say I have been very impressed with the responses received from your site, so thank you.

Many thanks”


”I have had a great response - two serious renters, within the first week - so really this is just to say that I'm extremely pleased with Rent a place in France...”


”We are finding the site very useful, and receiving steady enquiries and some bookings.”

Regards, Jo

”Brilliant, I have already had a booking from the new advert. Well done! Much better than other rental sites."

Sue Bayley

"Thank you very much for your website which brings us a lot of inquiries.”

Marjan van Driel & Willy Zurell

”Hi Ross,

Thanks to your very good site (loads of enquiries over the year) I currently have an indefinite let, so I find myself turning people away!

Many thanks - I do recommend your site to friends and others who have properties to let - keep up the good work!”

Best regards,
Tina Raison

”Hi Ross,

The house is currently occupied until the end of August (through yourselves) and we definitely want to renew our listing please.”

Kind regards,

"Thank you once again - I have just had a 5 month rental through your site.”

Edward Ratley

"The site has been very good for us and we wish you a continued and strengthening success.”

Many thanks,

"I must say that I was extremely happy with your website as I found excellent tenants who were clean and paid promptly.”

Best regards,
Elsa Marques

”Hi Ross,

The response we had from your site was phenomenal! If we need to go again I will get back to you and, will definitely recommend you to friends.”

Thanks for all your help and best regards,

John Barton

"By the way we've already gotten one booking off of your website & 2 additional inquiries - you are doing a great job with your SEO thank you.”


"We would like to renew our listing. We are very pleased with the outcome of advertising last year as we have a long term rental at the house at the moment.”

Kind regards,

Hi Ross,

"Your web site is great! We have let the apartment for winter until early May.”


"I can inform you that I was very lucky to find new tenants via your website.

Our 3 long term rentals are with the help of your website fully booked until middle 2015. We got many inquiries from all over the world. Thank you very much also for your personal advice."

Best regards,

"My house is booked. It was booked within 3 weeks of going on your site until the end of June 2014, so I am very pleased.”


"We already have 2 bookings of 3 months followed by six months to take us from mid-2014 into 2015.”

Mel Sladdin

"This site has been very good, we have had loads of enquiries from it.”

Kind regards,

"I had an incredible response, and even this last week 3 from US, Australia and Europe.”


"Hi Ross,
I'm really pleased with the enquiries we are getting from your site thank you.”

Kind regards,

"We think your website really works and would like to let you know how satisfied we are with Rent a Place in France.”

Best regards,

"Hi - have now found a long term tenant via your site, 12 month renewable - thanks so much, we had a great response!”

Val Broom

"Have had several enquiries via your site so very satisfied thanks.”

Thanks & regards,

"Hello Ross,
Yes we would like to renew the advert.

Thanks to your site, we had a winter rental last year for several months and we already have a month, maybe 2 months from October and we are hoping to rent the other gîte too so we are definitely renewing our advert."

Many thanks ,

"Yes, I do want to renew please. The advert on your website is always very successful – the house has never been empty. And I can definitely tell it’s coming up to September as I’ve had a real flurry of emails just lately."

Thanks again,

"Hello Ross,
Yes we would like to advertise for another year please - how do we go about it? I would like to say how fruitful your website has been and we have had many enquiries - great!”

Val Sawyer

"I have been very pleased with your website and find it brings in good response."


"Hi Ross,
Thanks to your service our house as been rented almost all year and will be now until end of may 2014 !
Will be a pleasure to renew my subscription :)
Please let me know how to proceed.”

Best regards,

"Hi Ross,
Due to the fantastic response to my advert on your website the property is now rented until October 2014, I am getting so many enquiries... Many thanks."

Kind regards,

"It has been brilliant with lots of enquiries and we are fully booked for the next 12 - 18 months."

Many thanks and Best Wishes,

"I must tell you that we think that your web site is very good. In the 4 weeks that we have been on the net we have had five enquiries."

Thanks again,
Pauline Moxon

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the your site, it is brilliant and has served us so well for lots of years."

Suzie Ball

"Yes, I would definitely like to renew my subscription, since we do get such excellent service."


"I just wanted to add my voice to the positive comments, we have been very happy with the responses we have received, with the layout of the site and we find it easy to manage. And we HAVE recommended you to a friend!"

Best regards,
Barbara Beer

"Thanks so much and you really have the best service out there so you deserve to do well!"



I want to congratulate you on the success of your site. I put an advert on and the very next day had two enquiries, one of whcih has booked for a whole year!"

Thanks so much,
Sandra Meecham

"Hi Ross,
I have been very happy with the response I have had via your website. I rented one property out for 2 months last February and March, the same property was rented from October to December and the other property is rented from now until the end of February and again for April and May. Just enough time left to do some maintenance work!"

Many thanks,

"Please do also let me know if you ever need a testimonial - your site has worked brilliantly for us."

Best wishes,

"A very productive and worthwhile site for anyone with a property in France."


"Thanks for all the contacts your site generated and keep up the good work!"


"…by the way, you have the BEST website – with the best layout, most information, etc. Your site is the easiest to navigate and use of all the places that advertise rentals. Keep up the good work."

Have a great day.

"Many thanks for your friendly service and excellent results over the years. We began with advertising on another long lets site at the same time as yours but dropped it on first renewal. The number of good quality enquiries you generate eclipsed all other advertising."

Best wishes,

"Subject: fully booked !!

Thank you for a great website. We have had many enquiries for winter Lets, unfortunately we only have one cottage so we could not accommodate everyone !!
We will certainly continue to use you as our main advertising for our Cottage.”

Wendy Macey

"Yes! Certainly want to renew. I have found lovely winter tenants & could have let the place 6 times over with enquiries from far and wide."

Kind regards,

"We appreciate the quality proofreading you did as well. We're definitely not used to such nice customer service like you provide."

Best wishes,

"Ross, I wonder whether you can possibly list the house you have on your website on my behalf in France as "LET" - Thank you so much for all your assistance, from start to finish, your website and your personal assistance has been second to none. The response has been great regarding the property and that is due to you and the service you provide. I would be only too happy in recommending you to anyone with a property to rent out in France. Extremely good service and excellent communication throughout. "

Best regards,
Simon Jones

"Hello Ross,
Just a quick note to tell you that I am really happy with your website, as I have quite a number of enquiries, and got finally a six months rental, during winter, which is very satisfactory for me!"

Best regards,
Helene Dessort

"We have been very pleased with the response we have had through your website and have received enquiries from all over the globe particularly New Zealand and Australia! Well done."

Kind regards,
John and Liz

"I have been delighted with the response from you website and I know the people I recommended you to are also very happy."

Thanks, Jan

"Yes, we do want to renew our advert with you, it's an excellent site and we've had so many enquiries, and they keep on coming in. "

Best wishes,
Anita Gould

"Your site has worked very well for us this year, generating many serious enquiries."

Best regards,
Richard Miller

"I want to thank you again for your excellent site. We have rented every winter solely due to Rentaplaceinfrance and have recommended your site to many people - those either looking to rent or gite owners. "


"I am delighted with the site"

Thanks, Joanne Leroux

"I will also recommend your website to anyone who needs to rent his home, it was great, I have had many rentals."


"I wanted to say how delighted we've been with the response we've had to our ad with Rent a Place in France. Since placing the ad in October we have had more bookings than we've been able to accept, including a six month booking starting this September which is really good news as I hate to have the house empty over the winter. Your website works incredibly well and clearly reaches all the right people. Thank you for creating it!"

Best regards,
Hilary Galea

"Hi Ross, We would very much like to renew our advert this year so please could you send us a new invoice; your site is very good for long term rental inquiries! "

Kind regards,

"First time I have used your site and within 2 weeks have got a 3 month booking."

Thanks very much,
Diana Eke

"We are very pleased with the responses and bookings we have had through your site this year thank you very much."

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year,
Chris and Edwina Flannery

"We have been advertising with 'Rent a place in France' for 4 years and have always been very impressed with the excellent website and service provided. Any queries we have had regarding our advertising have always been answered very quickly and efficiently, with extra help and support given via regular emails. We also receive notification of any enquiries which appear to be a scam or of dubious origin which is very reassuring."

Thanks again,
Best wishes

"Just wanted to say that your site worked well and we have a long term rent from now until end of May in the cottage!"

Thank you,
Caroline Kristoffersen

"I have the apartment rented until next August. It has been so successful and I have had lots of enquiries. Thank you for all your help and support."

Best regards,

"Dear Ross,
Thank you for the last 12 months of business. We have had a 6 month let thanks to your site with our advert and a Christmas let which is great. We look forward to another 12 months of many enquiries that lead to a long term let for the winter months."

Kind regards,

"I have found the advice offered by Rent a place in France always to be extremely prompt and sound. Our advert has produced much business from 1 month lets to now producing a 3 year let where we can still return to our French home for 3 weeks a year. Thank you for your great service Ross."

Best wishes,

I am very impressed by your website and even more so by the amount of responses I have received for my property."

Best regards,
Chris Finnigan

"I'm also pleased with the amount of long term enquiries I've had through your site."

Kind regards,
Trevor Walker

"The cottage is booked for five months already - just weeks after my ad was approved. What a fab site you have."

Thanks again,

As you are interested in feedback for the site I would like to tell you it is very easy to use. Information is concise and readily available. Much more information available then on other similar sites. The pages are not too cluttered and everything runs quickly and smoothly.

I can't wait until it's closer to our move and we can start contacting some of these properties."

Rob Zabrocky

"Hi Ross,
Joined the site 3 days ago and have had 3 enquiries in 2 days, with 1 booking. I am very impressed! Thank you."


"I must say that we have been absolutely inundated with enquiries for our house in Puivert."

Best wishes
Robert Isaacson

"I have only been on the site for a week and already have a 10 week let for next year as well as another serious enquiry so a great site well done."

Many thanks again,
Nigel Beacom

"I’ve had a surprisingly good number of enquiries from RentaplaceinFrance.com, whatever you’re doing to get such quality prospects and tenants, please keep it up!"

Thanks, Simon

"Dear Ross,
With three bookings for 2011 and four for 2012 already, we are encouraged to add our second advert with you now. Well done indeed!"

Kind regards,
Richard and Luisa Copeland.

"We have had amazing success from your website and are now rented out til July 12."

Thanks, Mark Day

"I have rented out my property for all of 2012 by people who found me via your site."


"This site has really improved my bookings beyond all recognition. Summer was good but the winter bookings have made it excellent."

Anne Margaret

"As a technophobe, I can say with all honesty that viewing the properties on your site was a complete joy and pleasure, and I have spent two hours becoming increasingly enthusiastic and confident about a long term stay in France.
Just wanted to say super! and thank you!"

Patricia Webb

"I will as always still be advertising on this site as each year I receive a lot of enquiries and since advertising here I have rented out my property every winter. Thank you."


"I am absolutely overwhelmed with the success of the advertising.

Kind Regards"
Colin Trayte

"I would like to thank you and your team for all the sterling work you have done over the last few years."

Sheila & Keith

"I am inundated with enquiries from your website - Very Well Done!! Shame I can't accommodate them all!

Thanks for all your help"

"I can confirm that within 48 hours of placing our first ever ad on your website we got and still have fantastic long-term winter let tenants. You could not have provided a better service."

"I couldn't be happier with your website & service".

"The winter lettings this year have been another huge success advertising through yourself - here's to 2012....!"

Best wishes
"We are very pleased with your site. We've had steady enquiries all through the year for all sorts of periods and from many different places including England, Scotland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S. and a few others. Terrific site."

Best wishes.
"We recommend your site to anyone we know wishing to find long term rentals as we have found your site to be particularly effective."

Kind regards,
Jane Jarvis.
"I am pleased with your site: I have had quite a few enquiries".

Erica Sapir
"We are having loads of enquiries all the time."

"We have just had our first enquiry after two days live ! So thank you."

With best wishes, John and Marie Perrin
"I have been advertising with you since October last year and I have been thrilled with the response.

Many thanks for your help, you are wonderful."

Best wishes,
"Just like to say we have been pleased with the response and already have enquiries for 2011."

"Your website has been fantastic, and I have now let my place for 2 years."

"Your site - the only long term we are with - generates a lot of interest."

Best wishes
"Thank you for finding our tenants through your very good web site."

Peter Stevenson
"Just to let you know that the site has worked really well for us and we have had loads of great enquires."

Many thanks
Dave Richardson
"I really appreciate how well organized your website is. I am in the process of deciding on a region that provides everything that I am looking for and am very impressed with how your listings are assisting in the process."

Thank you,
"We have had numerous enquiries and just wish we had several more properties to let. Your site has been absolutely superb and we would happily recommend your site to anyone wanting to let long term. Fantastic!!!!"

Mike Sweetman
"I have had so much interest that I have had to 'phone some of your other advertisers to try to find another place for a disappointed person."

All the best, Christopher Mahoney.
"Dear Ross,

Thought you'd like to know we currently have guests staying prior to moving into purchased house, another couple and dog are due this Friday for 6 weeks or more, and a family are booking for 6 weeks minimum from 1 May. All through you."

"Hi Ross,

I received a considerable level of interest through your service most of which was of a high quality so I will not hesitate to use your service again.... both the service and facility were excellent."

Regards, Mike Whale
"Yes please, I would like to re-advertise on your site, its been brilliant."

With kind regards,
Tarina Morant
"I have been delighted by the number of enquiries I have received through your web site! After unsuccessful experiences with other vacation rental websites, I rented my house within 48 hours of placing my ad with you! I have since received numerous requests which I have had to decline since the house is rented until next June!!!"

All the best,
"Hi Ross,
It’s Gary Wheeler. Had 2 enquiries to rent already. Excellent service from your site."

Thanks again,
Gary and Jill Wheeler.

"Still getting many enquiries for letting our property from all over the world. We have already let it for over 5 months this year, and we are very pleased with the responses from your site".

Kind regards Gary and Jill Wheeler.
"I would like to renew the advertising of our property with yourselves. Just to give you some feedback, this was our first year of rentals in the property and out of the 24 weeks that we rented out, 20 of the weeks were as a result of enquiries received via your website. We are very happy with the response and have already taken bookings for 12 weeks in 2010 - again through your website!

Many thanks for an excellent website and service!"

Best regards,
Elaine Love

"Hello Ross

I just wanted to let you know what success I have had with RentaplaceinFrance.com - firstly I had loads of enquiries and within a month of the ad going live got a six month let for this winter plus already (!) a two month let for next winter.

So I am a very satisfied customer and not the only one I expect!"

Thanks again.
Best regards, Rosemary

"We have 4 of our properties now booked for the winter months (8 separate clients) that have come directly from your web-site. We have been delighted with the level of enquires so a huge thank you from us all."

Many thanks and best wishes
"I was so getting so many enquiries and I’m now fully booked until next Aug. It’s a great little site and the service is excellent."

Best wishes
"Thank you so much for your great website enabling us to secure a let".

Kind regards
Valerie McCarthy
"The cottage is booked out long term until July 2010 with 2 different clients - your site clearly works!"

Many thanks
"We are doing well recently with your site and currently have all three properties filled with lets for 6 - 12 months, so delighted with what you are bringing us."

Caralyn Tettmar
"We would like to renew our subscription. We are very pleased with the response to your site."

Many thanks,
Mark and Lynn Frisby
"Dear Ross,

Many thanks for your swift response and advice. It is much
appreciated! Also, I would like to say that I have been very pleased with the website and response I have had to our ad. It was money well spent!! Once again, thank you for everything,"

Best wishes,
"Dear Ross,

I just wanted to express my gratitude that you have provided such a wonderful website for long term lets. I am searching from the U.S. and have been finding it extremely difficult to find a place for myself and my pets.

Thank you ever so much!"
"Your website is obviously visited frequently as we have regular interest."

Kind regards
David Coates
"We have been very pleased with the response we have had from your website and would recommend the service to any potential landlord."

Thanks again Jim
"Your site really does deliver".

"Hi Ross,

Just wanted to let you know that the first day you advertised the house, it got let!!

Fantastic and many thanks."
Mike & Rachel
"We have our 'Chez-Nous' successfully let for another Winter, thanks to your website!
We would like to renew please for another year."

With thanks,
Maureen and Bob
"We have just taken a long term let from Dec 1st til 30th April. As you will imagine, we are delighted.
He found us through your site, so, thankyou."

Jackie K.
"Just to mention I have today accepted a booking from 3rd Oct 2009 - 30th April 2010 through your website.
Fab or what !!"

Kind regards
"We are still very delighted with the website and are amazed at the number of enquiries we are getting."

"We have been extremely happy with your website and have had good bookings - in fact over the last 12 months - from November 1 to October 30 we have let the cottage for 44 out of 52 weeks! We have recommended your site to others.

Thanks for your help and support".

Anne Metcalfe
"Hi Ross – I just wanted to say we have had a fantastic response to our advert with you and have now secured a 1 year rental for our house. I have recommended your site to others who are considering advertising or looking for a rental."

Best regards
"I’m really glad that I started to advertise my place on Rent a Place in France!"

Kind regards,
"We are getting a number of enquiries through the site and are very pleased."

Many thanks,
"Great site, and year on year we get bookings from it."

"Thanks once again, your site is proving a great source of clients to us."

La Maison du Puits
"Thank you for a very prompt and efficient service and the carefully designed on-line procedures".

"We have been very happy with the number of enquiries we have had. So many thanks."

Sincerely, Anne and Paul Newman
"I have been delighted with the response as I have had 2 rentals one for 2 months and 1 starting shortly for 6 months. I have found all the enquiries have been from serious people."

"We have had lots of enquiries from the advert and the site is excellent, thanks very much."

Regards, Jim Rawcliffe
"We have done really well with this advertising, it’s the only one we use and we are fully booked until September next year".

Best wishes, Suzie
"Your site seems to go from strength to strength this year, I have received several enquiries for the autumn and winter long term lets. Thank you."

Best Wishes, Valerie Knight
"Many thanks for going the extra yard."

Graham and Ruth Fernee

NB. Graham is director of a company called 'Customer Care Consulting'!
"Your site is going from strength to strength. I have never had so many enquiries for long lets. Well done!"

"I am highly delighted with your site! I have almost complete occupancy this year apart from some days in between lets. Thanks for creating such a successful site. I am turning people away but sending them to friends who have property in the area".

"I find your site brings me many enquiries so thank you for that."

Thank you for a superb service.
"Thanks to ‘Rent a place in France’, we have secured a 6 month booking!"

Many thanks

"Your site has been an enormous help."


"We're REALLY happy now, as in a matter of hours of our advert going live, we have taken a booking for two months (October and November 08). Thank you very much and long may your site survive!

Kim and Mike Grayson
"The website is working very well for us, very pleased indeed."

Best wishes
"Very pleased with your web-site - fully booked for next winter again."

Kind regards,
Dee Welch
"Yes I would definitely like to go ahead, for another year, we are very pleased with your site. We have had a positive response to your advert with plenty of enquiries from all over the world."

Kind regards,
I want to begin by saying how impressed I am with your web site! It is attractive, informative, and user friendly. I have been searching for a house rental in France for some time, and your site is a refreshing look at what is available."

Paula Banda
"Have I told you advertising on your site is the best move I’ve made? Since I advertised with you, my gîte has barely been empty out of season – not what I expected when I began my letting business – I believed that 6 weeks in summer and the odd week here & there would be the best I could expect, but we’ve had more enquiries than we could handle."

"I’ve got bookings for this winter again, thanks to your site – that’s three years out of the three years we’ve been up & running, and all through our advert with you. Keep it up !!"

Thanks for all your help

Kind regards
"Many thanks for an excellent first year, you have generated many leads and we now only have six weeks to let until this time next year! We wouldn't be where we are without you so please accept our thanks and best wishes for your business."

"I have had more enquiries than I can accommodate, especially since Christmas and you are beating the competition into the ground. Thank you very much, your service is making a huge difference to our lettings."

"I wanted to let you know that via your website we had a very successful two month long winter let. Thank you so much!"

Many thanks
Alison Hudson
"I continue to be pleased with your site and it is easy to navigate and brings me some good inquiries. Although I do have the lucky situation that I am perpetually booked from November through March, I have had spring and autumn rents as a result of your site - keep up the good work!"

Joan Roberts
"I thought you might be pleased to receive some very positive feedback with regard to my cottage advert on your website - within days of going live it was booked for July and August by a couple from New Zealand! I am very happy and they are just the sort of couple I was hoping to attract - so congratulations and many thanks to you and RentaplaceinFrance!"

Valerie Grove
"Many thanks for the excellent service you supply."

Tina Linford
"Yes I would like to continue with the advert for another year. It has been very successful for this year."

Many thanks
Liz Rodwell
"We've had no end of enquiries for long term lets even though we secured one for 6 months after a week of registering with you. We've already had enquiries for next year.

Having the availability page is the icing on the cake for a site that has already proved to be one that produces endless enquiries."

Steve & Rachel Ridgway
"I have been very impressed with the service you have given to us."

Sarah-Jane Beaumont
"We are very pleased by the exposure your site offered us". Robert Sachs
"Thanks to ‘Rent a place in France’ I have largely filled our winter period"

David Welling
"The house has recently been rented for a period up to 2 years by a Scottish family thanks to your excellent site. We got more demand from your site than any other sites we used."

Ilda Inglis
"We find your website very effective, and it reaches all round the world. At present we have a family of Parisians in one cottage, and an English couple from Victoria, Australia in another. Next year we have a couple from County Mayo booked for a whole year. Other enquiries have been from Spain and South Africa, Belgium and Portugal."

Veronica Jefcoate
"I have been very pleasantly surprised at the level of response to our ad on your website."

Thanks and Regards
Denise Lewis
"We are delighted with the results from the site. Congratulations on such a good and successful operation."

Robin Crichton
"I have no problem at all with continuing to advertise with yourselves. Only yesterday I had a confirmed booking from your website for 4 months over the winter. Believe me it is money well spent!"

Nicola Allington
"I do value your site ‘Rent a place in France’ enormously and find it is very well referenced on the web."

Best wishes
Gisella Graham
"Thank you very much for such a productive site."

Nuala Sheehan
"Thanks for your speedy work and helpful comments, we are very pleased with how quick and easy it has been to get the ad up and running".

Denise Lewis
"Our advert on your site has been very successful, thank you. We have had good tenants, more booked into next year and numerous enquiries, more than we can handle."

David Cann
"Yes - I would like to renew my advert. I've had a great response, by the way."

Debra Mcdermott
"Thanks again for doing the changes so promptly. We get many hits from the site so whatever you are doing is working very well."

Tony Dickin
Re renewal of advert:
"It has been a big success and we want to be sure and renew it".

Regards, Laura Murison
"We would like to renew our advert with you please. We have been very pleased with the responses we have had through you. We have had winter lets for two seasons, and our cottage has been fully booked since February 2007."

Tony & Diana
"Great website Ross, best we've used for advertising and useful info for owners. Still getting a steady stream of enquiries...we have to turn down more than we accept. Keep up the good work."

Regards, Simon Flynn
"Yes I do want to re-advertise with you, have had a lot of enquiries and bookings".

Steph Mayhew
"Great stuff - I had 25 enquiries in the first 3 weeks of which 4 would all have rented. Thanks again."

David Shutts
"Site is working well, had loads of enquiries!!"

Yours Nicky Gallagher
"If only we had lots of houses to rent! We are getting so many requests through your site. Well done for making it so appealing".

Many thanks
Annabel Eigeland
"Many thanks. I will recommend your website to others. I was very impressed!"

Kind regards,
Olivia Kelly
"Hello, Just An e-mail to congratulate you on a site easy to negotiate and the properties at a sensible price.
... again I must say thanks for a wonderful site."

Jacqueline and Terry.
"We think your web-site is very efficient, being both clear and easy to use. We are pleased with the results – in fact have had two more enquiries since contacting you last week."

"Your site is extremely efficient and attractive, and brings in more enquiries from the UK than any other."

Many thanks and kind regards, Gordon and Jocelyne.
"Thank to your website we have now secured a five month let on our property Les Manis and have a serious offer on the table for Les Boves.

Thanks a lot"
Lynda Durr
"Just to let you know that we have rented out our house for an initial period of 6 months from 1 November 2006 until 30 April 2007.

May I also say that it was because of your website that we received so much interest for our house and secured this booking. You have an excellent site which I would recommend to anyone seeking to rent out their properties. Many thanks."

Best wishes
"Once again your website seems to have come up tops! We have tenants until august 2007!"

Judith Kahn
"Many thanks for your brilliant work."

"We currently have our place rented thanks to your site. We are impressed by the responses we got with your site."

Charles Good
"I'm very pleased to say that we have a winter booking for our cottage. We have been very pleased with the level of enquiries we have had for the cottage."

Lyn Newnham.
"Many thanks for an excellent website. Here's to another great winter."

Chip & Di Thornalley
"We had an excellent response to the advert."

Kind regards
Maureen Hayton
"We have a property advertised with you which we have just let for next year. This is the best £59 we have spent to advertise our property."

Joan Beer
Dear Ross

"Just to say how very helpful we have found your website. We have found a super (we hope) long let for 2007, 3 months as a special treat on our semi-retirement. There are numerous other properties which look excellent value for money for a month or more so I am sure we will be using your website again in the future.

Wishing you lots of luck and future success!!"
Margaret Tait
"I'm delighted to tell you that we've had a good number of LT (Long Term) enquiries for the house via your website which is very pleasing and it looks like we'll be renting the house for 12-24 months."

Simon Ginns
"Pleased to inform you that our house is rented for one year from 1st June and came from your site."

Thanks, Peter & Carol Cox
"Thanks to advertising my property with you we have picked up (within a week!) a six month let from August 19 to March 1 2007."

Linda Mckay
"I had an enquiry straight away.......amazing! I have signed a contract and in theory the house is let for six months until beginning October 2006."

Best regards, Judith
"Over the last couple of weeks I have had 5 enquiries for long lets for my gite from your website. Only wish I had 5 gites to let, especially as one of the enquiries was for a year or more."

Lynda Wooller
"I would say that over the last few months I have had about 20 enquiries via your site for lets of between 1 month and 1 year so it's obvious the site is working well."

"Definitely want to continue with you so pls advise how we pay for this 1st class service."

Regards, John Kemp.
"I am very pleased with the response I have been getting from your website - I have someone from the States on at least a 7 month long let - and wants to return after the summer. I have also had many other enquiries."

Janet Moore
"We are very, very pleased with the bookings we have had through the site, I don't think we could have better with anyone else."

Thanks very much.
Bob & Bev Bidmead
"I'm sure you will be delighted to know that we received the first long term booking - a three month booking - within days of the advert going live. That was on 11th July and I received the enquiry on 14th with a firm booking being made first thing on 15th July."

Best regards,
John and Polly Piper
"One word - Fab!"

"Dear Ross,
Pauline and I are really thrilled by the way you have created our Web page and link."

Kind Regards
Tom and Pauline Kerhim.
"Thanks to your website/promotion, I have been able to let my property for six months, starting 5th September 2005. As you can imagine, I am extremely pleased about this success. Thank you very much again for your assistance."

Kind regards
Renate Fisher
"I am impressed with rentaplaceinfrance and I am pleased to say I have already gained a client who will be staying at Rue du petit Fort for 4 months. I now attach details of another property we would like to rent out long term."

Alan K. Lovell
"Thought you might be interested to know that we met some English people today who are renting a house near us. They mentioned your website as a brilliant place to look for renting places down here, as there are very few people that cover long term rentals and out of season too."

Derek and Ellie Bruton
"We have been very happy with the response to our ad on your site, we have winter tenants in our gite as we speak, so we would like to renew our ad for a further year."

Angie & John Moore
"Thank you, the tenants we have at the moment were through your site. We've had lots of enquiries through your site."

Kind regards
Elaine Woolf
"I am very pleased with the response I have had to my ad on your website in a short time. I have had 5 enquiries, 1 of which led to a booking for 3 months and another is a provisional booking.... "

Linda Tricker
"I am writing to thank you for your great website - RentaplaceinFrance.com. My partner and I had been having great difficulty finding any websites that provided long term lets in france. We were getting increasingly frustrated until we found your website. It had everything we were looking for and more and I am pleased to say that we have now secured a property for 6 months in the midi-pyrenees. We have also found the information for tenants extremely helpful and it has made the process a lot easier for us. Thank you once again."

Kind regards. Lisa Mills

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